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Sirolo and the Conero


The Conero Riviera provide tourists with an area waiting to be discovered: many beaches, some large and fully-equipped, easily accessible, others more hidden or accessible only through nature trails or by boat.

The Conero Park is the ideal destination for nature lovers and also for outdoor sports activities like: hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking. Golf, diving, kitesurfing, sup and diving.

There are also many medieval villages, castles and towns full of art, history and culture.

Suggetions on what to do


  • Summer is undoubtedly the perfect time to spend your holidays by the sea and thus get away from the heat of the city. The San Michele Relais Spa in Sirolo offers you a selection of the best beaches of the Conero Riviera, starting from Sirolo up to the bay of Portonovo.

    San Michele beach

    On this beach there are many bathing establishments alternating with stretches of free beach; a long stretch of sand and white gravel, dominated by the cliff with Mediterranean maquis make this beach really unique, thanks to its deep blue sea and the beauty of its views.

    Sassi Neribeach

    A dark gravel makes up this beach, where the water is of an intense blue; the wild style of the beach, without establishments, makes it the natural destination for nature lovers; the environment is quiet and not equipped.

    Due Sorellebeach

    Those who love diving in wild places can not miss a trip to the beautiful Due Sorelle beach (meaning ''Two Sisters'' due to the two large rocks that emerge from the sea side); a place without bathing establishments. The nature is the absolute owner here. The sea is clear with a sloping seabed: it can only be reached from the sea since the Passo del lupo path (meaning Wolf’s pass) has been closed.

    dei Gabbianibeach

    This small cove can only be reached by sea, as well as the Forni Beach; these are highly wild beaches, dominated by nature. There are no bathing establishments and the sea is crystal clear: a truly unique place for lovers of uncontaminated environments.


    It is a lovely crescent-shaped beach, formed by fine gravel and extenting, to the south with the natural cliff of the Grotta Urbani (The Urbani cave). There are several bathing establishments and restaurants; you get there through a long descent and it is protected by a semicircular barrier of rocks.

    La Spiaggiolabeach

    This charming and sophisticated beach is colored with rows of umbrellas during summer; thanks to the low seabed, the cliffs and the well-equipped establishments, it is very popular with tourists who love to live in comfort, even on the beach.

    La Velabeach

    Its name comes from the sail-shaped rock that stands out on the end of the beach; it is the last stretch of coast at the base of the northern side of the Conero. The edge is made up of stones and gravel.


    A wild, green bay, with a beach made of white pebbles that gives a unique spectacle; the beach is very long, and alternates stretches of free beach with some bathing establishments. Typical of this area are the moscioli, wild mussels much appreciated to be tasted in various recipes.


    A long stretch of white beach distinguishes this place, which can be reached with difficulty through an arduous descent, which on the way back obviously becomes a steep climb. Despite the lack of services or bathing establishments, it is a very popular beach.

    il Trave

    From the Mezzavalle bay you reach the Trave (meaning ''Beam''), a strip of rock about one kilometer long, charming and wild. There is also a clay quarry here. A legend says that the Beam once extended to the other side of the Adriatic Sea, as a symbol of brotherhood. But the fury of the elements made it collapse, and since then it took the form of a wrecked bridge.

  • The Riviera del Conero is rich in beautiful places to visit of great natural and artistic interest. The entire coast is dotted with sea towns all close and easy to visit, and moving inland you will find castles and medieval villages rich in history.

    Conero Riviera

    The Riviera del Conero is not only Sirolo, but an association of 16 municipalities to discover: from the sea to the hills, from the villages to the cities... this area boasts beautiful beaches, nature trails, art, history, food and wine! Discover museums and art galleries, churches and monuments: you will be able to find, in the same territory, all the beauty that there is to discover in the Marche!


    In Loreto, upon the Colle Lauro hill, stands out the splendid Basilica, which according to faith and tradition is the place that encloses the Holy House, where Maryr eceived the Annunciation. Thousands of faithful come every year to visit the Church, which is of great historical and artistic interest thanks to the many works which are preserved there.


    If you feel like travelling a little further, we recommend an excursion to the Caves of Frasassi, a natural wonder discovered about 50 years ago in Genga, made of extremely ancient stalactites and stalagmites. These karst caves attract thousand of tourists every year, curious to visit on of the most beautiful example of caves in Europe.


    Its velvet beach and the song "Una rotonda sul mare" inspired to the homonymous "Rotonda a mare" monument, have made it famous all around the world. During summer, Senigallia is crawling with tourists, many of whom flock for truly unique events, such as the Caterpillar rally and the Summer Jamboree, a festival dedicated to the American culture of the 50s and 60s which transforms the town for ten days between July and August.

    Ascoli Piceno

    Thanks to its splendid Renaissance square, Piazza del Popolo, and to its historic Palio, one of oldest in Italy, this province, the southernmost of the Marche region, attracts plenty of tourists; also thanks to its size, that allows you to easily walk through the historic center, and to its tradition, that certainly make it an important attraction of the region.

  • Those who are looking for a vibrant and active vacation will be satisfied with the Riviera del Conero. In fact, The Marche region offers many places to visit with several different activities to try. Horseback riding at dawn at the beach, trekking on Mount Conero, boat trips or diving in the Adriatic Sea. Discover all the experiences of the Marche or visit

    Boat trips

    Enjoy a full day just by relaxing on one of the boat trips of the Riviera del Conero. You will be cradled by the waves of the Adriatic Sea, and will be able to explore the most beautiful beaches and adventure between the hidden bays and the more famous ones.

    Horseback Riding

    Horseback riding while fully respecting the environment, which are fun and that include stops to not give up bathrooms, where possible, and some well-deserved relaxation. On the back of a horse, you will be immersed in the extraordinary nature of the Marche region!


    Adrenaline and pure fun. If you want to live experiences that will remain etched in your memory, you are in the right place! Here you will not be satisfied just by admiring the territory, but you will also live it actively.


    Choose a regenerating break for your body and mind, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life between refined spas, magnificent wellness areas, and innovative treatments. The essence of being well!

    Culture and tradition

    Not just simple experiences, but an actual journey to a region full of romance, where you will feel like the main character! Numerous riches that hide legendary stories and myths.

    Food & Wine

    A journey for a stay of complete pleasure. Sensory experiences that you will never forget, to discover the tastes, flavors and the typical cuisine of the Marche. Not just tastings, but real experiences in extraordinary places, to discover local delicacies accompanied by a glass of wine.

    By bike

    Riding a bike, you will find both lots of fun and a the wonders of a dreamy nature. By bike, e-bike, mountain bike or even city bike, you have many itineraries overlooking the sea or scattered around the hills of the Marche to choose from. Throughout the region, you will be able to enjoy the most suitable excursion for your needs.


    Outdoor hiking in harmony and while respecting the environment. You will find classic trekking experiences and thematic trekking. You will be able to explore the whole region with your backpack, escorted by expert guides who will tell you all about the stories of the region.

    On wheels

    The Marche region can also be lived on the road, but not on common roads and not even over ordinary vehicles! Here you will find unique experiences, fun and suitable for everyone.

    Water Sport

    Loads of fun between the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Several types of adventure and water sports: from snorkeling to kayak tours, from diving to SUP. Choose the experience that best suits your needs. You will find a completely new way of exploring nature, by yourself or with the help of our professional tour guides.

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