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    Among the services that characterize the San Michele Relais the one that stands out is the indoor Spa, equipped with Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, salt cave, emotional shower and hydromassage pool.

    The outdoor swimming pool and the citrus garden of our Relais overlook a unique and evocative panorama: the beach of San Michele, one of the most enchanting of the entire Conero Riviera, where the lush pine forest meets with the warm gold of the sand and the endless blue of the sea. Relaxing by the pool will allow our guest to live a unique experience, in total harmony with nature and the territory. A mixture of sounds, scents and fascinating views will make every moment spent at the Relais San Michele an unforgettable story.

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The water hydromassage is the ideal method to restore your energies, by experiencing a sense of total relaxation of the mind and body. The benefits of an hydromassage do not only affect the body, that appears more relaxed and rested, but are also mainly related to the mental sphere: a well-done hydromassage brings relaxation and rest, restore the psycho-physical balance and the harmony lost during the day.

In addition to downsizing all the problems of aesthetic nature, it brings numerous benefits to our body by increasing its blood pressure and stimulating circulation. The hydromassage consists of a bath inside some special tanks that produce multiple jets of water containing a mixture of air and ozone. Water is the origin of all things and of all principles: the advantages of a good water massage were already renowned in the Roman times, where the thermae were very popular among the citizens as dispensers of relaxation and well-being.

Hydromassage pool

Taking a bath is a pleasure for both body and mind. An ideal and also very pleasant treatment to detoxify and awaken our body is the hydromassage pool. The temperature of the water in fact can help us both detoxify and purify the body, stimulate the circulatory system and the metabolism at the same time.

The sauna has an extraordinary capacity of relaxying and detoxifying the body and also has positive effects on the body and mind. Nothing is more effective to release nervous tension and calm anxiety. That is because the sauna stimulates the natural balance of psychophysical conditions.

The skin is purified and by sweating you eliminate acids and toxins. The neurovegetative system is stimulated, improving the general metabolism. On the aesthetic plan, the reduction of cellulite and a greater elasticity of tissues are the best you can achieve by combining the sauna to an healthy diet. Equally evident are the aesthetic benefits that derive from the deep cleansing of the epidermis which reveals a renewed purity and brightness.

The FinnishSauna

A ritual that has spread from Northern Europe all over the world. In the sauna the heat can reach temperatures of up to 100 º C, but thanks to the low humidity (20-30%) the heat is transformed into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and promotes the purification of the body.The scent of nature comes out from the wood, a primitive invitation to rediscover the peace of mind and free it from all tensions.

The seat of the Turkish bath is made of marble or stone: a mist of steam envelops the guest, while the water vapor decongests the respiratory tracts and the body, through natural sweating, it gets rid of toxins; the mind relaxes and is free from any worry.

This cloud of steam performs an invigorating and relaxing action, proving to be among the best treatments to counter stress and the tension of everyday life; moreover, it is perfect for toning the body and improving health.

The steam allows the pores to dilate, eliminating impurities; this way the skin regains brightness, elasticity and softness. There are loads of benefits... seeing is believing!

The Turkish Bath

Water is synonymous with health, even when surrounding the body in the form of steam. The Turkish bath dates back to the time of Greeks, Romans and Middle Eastern people who have made the Turkish bath a real institution. Unlike the sauna, the humidity here is at 100% and the temperatures do not go beyond 48° C.

In the salt room the metabolism accelerates, the respiratory and circulatory systems receive benefits from the treatment, as well as the epidermis. Close your eyes, leave your worries behind and discover the pleasure of breathing!

The SaltRoom

This particular form of spa treatment focuses on the well-being of the person. Relaxation of the body and mind is regained, while the immune system is reinvigorated, thanks to the Himalayan salt rocks.

The sensory shower is a particular practice that combines chromotherapy, aromatherapy and water jets. With this combination you can get physical well-being improvement, but also a benefit for mind and psyche. The water flows at different temperatures and pressures that alternate: the hot jets help the purification of the epidermis, the cold ones help to firm the tissues; the water can be nebulized or fall to blade or rain. The colored LEDs, positioned close to the holes for the water outlet, emit a beam of light that recalls exotic and warm climates or natural and balanced atmospheres and, thanks to the aromatherapy, essential oils evoke energizing or relaxing sensations through the sense of smell.


An engaging multi-sensory path in which water, colors, scents and sounds act together in perfect sync to give the body and mind a feeling of total well-being. Scents and colors vary simultaneously in perfect harmony, causing positive reactions from our body by regenerating and relaxing it at the same time. The emotional shower is, therefore, a real flow of emotions and sensations.

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